Top 25 Most Romantic Collection Of Love Quotes For Your Girlfriend

top-25-most-romantic-collection-of-love-quotes-for-your-girlfriendin tune with my give heart guns for true love is just love contemplate look and observe never fool with what to see watch in you hear believe in real never lie to who loves you be light that thy aims soul and my soul with your soul in love if en lace elk but perfect and i will be your e tu sears my love you so

There is no heart without owner, there is no love is over. Love can be within yourself that there is not already someone to complete it.
Imagine in your racing thoughts that the fact of being alone, her heart is incomplete, empty … An empty heart never felt, experienced, he tried.

The search of a love …
I did not know what to do to find a love, my heart into pieces I started looking, I looked there here, the four corners of the world went into a social networking site and met Ana Lucia, Maria, Julia, Severna and Gabi more I even fell in love was the Pique woman.

And the mouth go kind words
for sweet is your heart …
And heart spring affable feelings
because goodness is fertile seed
that germinates and feeds made bread …
bread that fortifies the body and words
that sensitize interties souls in
need of love and forgiveness … honey

Bitter! With a bitter heart I hope lonely A simple cornered In his embittered world Happiness? Aimless Sadness? Has its point I’m pounding a single second I’m not perfect More can write rhymes without stopping! I feel bitter taste Recalling that for min It was a glance

What you do today is the result of tomorrow. Then listen to the beat of your heart as if you a song, respect to be respected, hug with affection, always have faith. Being happy is not easy, but learning every day that the next smile depends on your smile is a big step to find the path to happiness.

My heart cries out for love
My life calls for a love
but not for any love
but not by any but by you
you I do not know yet, or you I know.
That’s you I love, or you I will still love.
Or why you have ever loved.
I only know that this person need.

I seek love to satisfy my ego, but to complete my heart … I do not expect anyone to my happiness, just hope to be happy for my abilities,
I fall in love every day for the security that my heart shows in wanting get ready to support the love, not when you feel lonely …

I kept you here in my heart, knowing that in love there is pain. The pain is not on your side, I set it for worst feeling there, know that you do not love me, but if there is a door in my heart because of not wanting to suffer, it also opens a window so you can you save.

Light meaningless with some word that the heart is assumed … “Love” I wonder _ What is happening to me?
Because if you want me do not be afraid of me looks in the eye and say in direct and defined songs .
If you do not have attitudes ever you’ll get the door secrets of my heart … And you will not have me as you dream;

Sorry I love you, but I cannot control my heart, I just cannot say how much I love you, but if that does not matter to you, I do not care because I cannot fight for you until I can but you used my statement to say I’m a rough, love you, and that’s what matter to me.

If I remember that day? Perfectly! I saw the love I felt the chemistry, my heart skipped a beat as he had never beaten before. Too bad you’re gone. I think the best remedy to forget you are looking for another person, can live a new love or a new pain, but if it hurts, I’ll try again.

How forget tí, heart so perfidious
that made me light a spark of love,
And when that spark turned fire, blew me.
Using the water from the deepest well ever encountered, to make sure it would be nothing left,
not even a tiny spark of love.
How can I forget you, my most unloving

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