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the most expensive series in TV history

the-most-expensive-series-in-tv-historyOne of the hobbies very grown to the present day are the series, and they are viewed mainly by adolescents and young people interested in it for different forms of entertainment, with subjects that are directly linked to their daily life or which may arouse the interest of viewers, so that they become curious and start to impart those episodes constantly are released.
Even though the series appear to be normally produced, as well as soaps and other television programs, there are a variety series that more are considered expensive in television history, standing out among all the other shows that are also displayed in this medium and making it a surprise to all viewers.Top 10 most expensive series in TV history

The Pacific

The Pacific is a bet of HBO to attract new viewers or even retain those who already watch the TV channel, and this new television program is considered the most expensive in the history of this media because of its over – production, with production Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg and Gary Koetzman.
the cost of this series builds up to the total, $ 200 million, and that it only has 10 episodes, which is too high according to this small number of presentations to be held but exhibiting a lot of action with fighting between unleashed depicting World War II, with several special effects that even more expensive this show.


Not in the case of exactly the whole series, and it has many countless episodes, but in the case of only one week that was displayed, the CSI can be considered one of the most expensive series in TV history.
CSI portrays investigations crimes that are made by experts to find out who is to blame for what happened, and to make available more exciting and attractive to your audience, the show presented the most expensive scene television, costing $ 400 for only 127 seconds.

Two and a Half Men

Already well known for all series of admirers, the Two series and a Half Men draws the attention of many young people who are attracted to a comedy depicting different situations involving a different family.
Going through various processes and changes that have been given in this show, the show may fall into among the most expensive series in TV history because of the salary of the actors, and the main, Ashton Kutcher, earns about $ 700 per episode.

Samson and Delilah

Valuing Brazilian television and the series produced in the country, you can highlight Samson and Delilah, and it was created, with a focused show for all viewers admiring a differentiated form of entertainment.
This fun for the Brazilian cost, according to accounts held, US $ 800,000 for each of the displayed episodes, totaling 16 that were made available to the public.

Modern Family

Spending a little of the cost of production of a series, you can also think about the cost of it by the value of the ads and the ads that are held by the advertisers, and the most expensive possibly have larger audience and therefore are more well produced, and Modern Family, where the ad on time cost US $ 330,908.

the Simpsons

One of the most famous designs and today assisted by many viewers is The Simpsons, displaying a different comedy for all stakeholders, with a high cost of production because it is-an animation.
To view the costs, it is estimated that the commercial this time cost US $ 286,131.

The Big Bang Theory

Another comedy series that leads the ranking of the most expensive on the advertising displayed on the schedule is The Big Bang Theory, and, in the case of special effects, is virtually nil see something other than writing and acting of the characters, but taking trading at R $ 275,573.

Broke Girls

Another comedy is 2 Broke Girls, depicting the lives of two completely different girls, too, can be compared to the same structure presented in The Big Bang Theory compared to the cost of production, with trade reaching to US $ 269,235.


Differentiated from other series treated earlier, the cost of Glee production is high, in the case of a musical that brings together several youth and adolescents, considered one of the 10 most expensive series in TV history, with commercials that cost R $ 224,345.

Once Upon a Time

Finally, Once Upon a Time is also one of the current series that enters the list for expensive commercials that can be hired by advertisers at this time, reaching US $ 203,537.