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most cruel reality shows in the world

most-cruel-reality-shows-in-the-worldIn the last two decades, the reality television has grown to become one of the most popular forms of program that is transmitted. These types of series can be quite account to create and attract large audiences, making them very interesting for the network executives who want to save as much money as possible.
But as more and more programs appear on different channels, it is getting more difficult for them in relation to excel and many producers are directed to the sales outlets bizarre growth that can be tasteless, shocking and simply cruel.

There’s Something About Miriam

This reality dating program saw a group of men compete for the affection of a woman of dreams and the chance to win 10,000 pounds. The program revolves around the attempts of men to convince the woman that offered as perfect meeting. The only problem was that the producers did not mention that Miriam was actually a transsexual woman. At the end of the program, it was revealed the winner the big secret. She herself was responsible for revealing in front of all participants. Do you know what the winner’s reaction? See this video.

I Wanna Marry Harry

The idea behind I Wanna Marry Prince Harry, was basically put a man who resembled both the British prince Harry royalty, he would try to convince women that he was the real prince.
Unfortunately, however, the producers behind the use program various tricks, and they give a lot of information for competitors to cheat and create high expectations in the participants that really is prince Harry.

Who’s Your Daddy

This reality show invited participants to try to find out who is really their father, between 9 possible parents. Parents try to persuade participants who were the real father. If the participant guessed correctly win a prize of $ 100,000. This is the least the anguish of discovering his real father in the midst of a game should be the greatest suffering.

My Big Fat Revenge

The premise of My Big Fat Revenge may seem like a good idea, purposely at a glance, but in practice it turned out to be more controversial than the creators probably imagined.
And in it, competitors would undergo a comprehensive loss program weight designed to help them get rid of significant amounts of weight as quickly as possible.

Kid Nation

Kid Nation was a reality television show that first aired in 2007 and led a group of 40 children of various ages and then basically abandoned in a small town without adult supervision, to see if they could learn to live and rule themselves.
While the children were mostly able to live quite harmoniously without many problems, the program attracted much unwanted attention, the fact that some of the participants had to be hospitalized for many reasons. This caused some controversy that prevented new seasons.

Man vs. Beast

Unlike most reality TV programs that puts participants against each other, Man vs. Beast is different, is based on seeing how well humans could compete against the animal kingdom in various tasks. Competitors would face against animals in tests of strength, endurance, and ability to work in gymnastics.

I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!

The reality, British television program is based on seeing celebrities and other public figures participating in gruesome challenges, all to win prizes for those who participate and avoid being voted out of the viewers program.
But despite being quite popular in UK, faced mountain of criticism since its inception by the nature of the challenges and unnecessary suffering.

Susunu! Denpa Shonen

This is the epitome of reality crazy Japanese show. It is hard to imagine Western governments allowing such a television program to be done, considering the challenges often enclosed in madness.
Throughout his exposure would competitors in a variety of situations that were certainly cruel, including force a couple to live naked in an apartment for a year, surviving only external commercial sweepstakes winnings.

Child Genius

Child Genius was a Channel 4 TV program that aired in 2014 and saw very intelligent children, aged 7 and 12, competing against each other in a tournament organized in association with British Mensa to find the child more intelligent among the UK’s wonders.
But, faced criticism from various quarters after the initial episodes showing how the intense pressure from parents and organizers have created a hostile environment for children who participate.


From the initial concept of Dadagiri, it is easy to see how it could be considered a punishment and also a tough game for the participants. It is a game program which participants compete to win prizes, all while suffering abuse from various provocateurs professionals, leading to the error. And just one error leads to loss of all awards. Frustrating cause of depression me a lot.
Of course, much of what occurs in Dadagiri was in the script, as is the case with most of the great reality TV, but the verbal and mental abuse was still susceptible to cause much suffering to participants .