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Top 10 most expensive games in history

top-10-most-expensive-games-in-historyCurrently the games are produced, with a focus not only for teenagers, but for young people and adults as well. Thus, more and more investment, behind an impressive and creative work around the games, with very high production value.

In this selection are the 10 most expensive games in history. For the past years, the quality of games only increases with production involving exorbitant prices, regardless of the rivalry between the consoles and games.

Some titles come with hundreds of artists, entertainers, actors, designers, and composers in the creation of games. And advertising also revolves around very high price, passing the millions of dollars. The 10 most expensive games in history, at least stimulate interested players, and bring fun and entertainment.

Gran Turismo 5-2010

This is one of the most powerful franchises of Sony, with an investment of 84 million dollars. From the debut on PlayStation Gran Turismo 5 has united many fans and lovers of motor racing by the level of realism and complexity of the game. This fifth chapter has more than a thousand cars available, with cinematic graphics and various extras.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – 2011

The game is a true work of art, with an investment of 86 million dollars. It explored the giant continent of Skyrim with dragons to face, powers and interesting environments. The development of the game lasted about 3 and a half years, with nearly 200 people in creation.

Shenmue – 1999

Investment in Shenmue game scored 98 million. It was developed by SEGA, Yu Suzuki game. The amazing game brought resources of freedom based on common life, such as time and secondary and intelligent characters. But a failure, as well as the target console, the Dreamcast.

APB: All Points Bulletin – 2010

APB is a multiplayer game to play online via PC. Its main features compete with Grand Theft Auto, but the action aims to be an alternative to Conter Strike. In this game you choose one of the two gangs fighting each other and compete for missions within the free city. It was developed by Realtime Worlds with a cost of $ 100 million, and was later bought by Reloaded Productions for 1.5 million euros.

Tomb Raider – 2013

The Tomb Raider was launched in 2013 the 5th game of the sequence released by Crystal Dynamics, however, the game is not a sequel or has any relation to the previous games. It is a reboot of the saga Lara Croft who is shipwrecked on a mysterious and dangerous island with friends. The novelty is the multiplayer function, the first of the franchise to allow more than one player. The development cost about $ 100 million, and was made available for major platforms: PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4.

Red Dead Redemption – 2010

A great production of Rockstar Games, with a cost of $ 100 million. After the success of GTA4, the developer wanted to repeat the feat in a western environment, with many adventures and action. In this game you can also tame the world with all freedom in the PS3 or XBOX 360.

Disney Infinity – 2013

Disney Infinity is not just a game, it comes with the Disney character dolls engaging an accessory connected to the console. In this game, you are the character you can create the virtual world and to the racetracks. In fact, you are creating it, hence the name Infinity. It was a big bet Disney has invested $ 100 million and expected a big hit in the gaming market in 2013, but without success.

Grand Theft Auto 4-2008

The game raised quality standards and freedom in the virtual world, with very high investment of 106 million dollars. GTA 4 stood out for Liberty City, where you have to walk freely through the same streets freedom ace real streets of major cities in the United States. It is interesting to imagine the production of GTA V, the successor. The game was made for major platforms, PS3, XBOX360 and PC.

Star Wars: The Old Republic – 2011

The game leader among the 10 most expensive games in history has generated investment of 204 million dollars. This is a MMORPG, with launch in 2011 for PC. The game requires players reconstruction of the Star Wars universe with characters, references and incredible objects. There were over 800 people in the working process for long six years.

Grand Theft Auto V – 2013

Since 2008, this version was awaited with anxiety. Once launched, the game joined the list of games more sold in the world throughout history . All production and game development cost Rockstar Games, more than 266 million dollars. The new version of the game has a huge map to explore, most charismatic characters, more missions and activities with amazing graphics. It is undoubtedly the best of the current generation game.