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Most Powerful Families In The World

Powerful Families

Discuss power, does not necessarily mean money. In this selection are highlighted the 10 most powerful families in the world. Although money plays a critical role in determining the actual powers, the influence on people and ability to make quick decisions is much more representative compared to the financial status.

A person It can be powerful through his personality, ability to control minds and resources, and the attitude. The powerful families included in this selection may or may not have a lot of wealth.
For preparation of this selection, we considered a few more things beyond just equity of households. In fact, the equity can not justify the capacity of families to control the world.
The most important factor in determining their power is the number of companies that have invested, and the nature of these businesses. The next ideal point to consider in relation to these families is their importance in the regions they live in , and the privileges that leverage.
The impact of their decisions on the world is also worth factor, followed by the contribution of households to improve society. And Final, equity is considered.

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This family has been in the meaningful participation of control on the top companies in the world that have a large portion of all minerals on the planet.
The family has brands like De Beers and Anglo that still dominate the diamond industry, platinum and gold world. With most of the shares sold to De Beers, the family is more focused on giving opportunities to succeed to local investors in his native country.

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The family can not be ignored by any means. The family owns the tobacco luxury brands like Dunhill, Mont Blanc and Cartier under the banner Richemont. They also have the action of the wine business with the powerful Rothschilds. Moreover, the family has controlled investment group known as Remgro.
The wine and brandy business has been the hallmark of the family, since the same controls 1/5 of wine and 80% of the aggregate market sales in brandy South Africa. They also control a chain of private hospitals.

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The family used to dominate the oil business throughout the 19th century, before the antitrust law had broken their monopoly on trade. The family still holds the power in the form of JP Morgan Chase, a well-known financial institution.


Bernard Arnault is considered among the most powerful figures in France and has LVMH. He, with his two sons Antoine and Delphine, have 60 luxury brands including Fendi, Sephora, Bulgari, Louis Vuitton and Dom Perigon. He currently holds the thirteenth place among the 2015 world’s richest people compiled by Forbes.

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family Koch

The Koch family is currently the second richest family in the United States with net worth of $ 86 billion. Koch industries represent the second largest owner family business with annual sales of over $ 100 billion.

Carlos Slim Helu and Family

They own multinationals like America Movil, Grupo Carso and Inbursa Finenciero Group. Carlos Slim Helu secures the second place among the richest people in the world by 2015 with the net worth of 77.2 billion. Based on the resources they have and the reach of its telecommunications business, Helu and their children can control either.


Bill and Melinda Gates may not bear the glitz and glamor that are attributed to the powerful families, but their actions speak louder than appearances. It would be unfair not to include the richest man in the world and his family in this selection, whose charity work in addition to the billion dollar company, speaks for itself.


No one can deny the influence that the family has in US policy. They have every reason to make people believe they have been the most powerful family in America for almost 60 years, with 2 presidents, 2 senators, and governors. Their decisions made historical changes in the world.


The family business, Wal-Mart is considered as the world’s largest with more than US $ 400 billion annual revenues. The family has a combined net worth of $ 144 billion. The wealth and resources that this family has, can make anyone surrender.


For centuries, this family has ruled the world with power and influence. The family is also known to control the major central banks of the world. The Rothschild Group is working in more than 40 countries offering financial consulting services.
In addition, the family controls multinationals such as Rio Tinto, Glencore and RIT Capital. While the financial value of them is beyond measure, it is enough to show how powerful they are. It is also believed that the Rothschilds have links to secret organization called NWO.