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Books More Expensive Revenues Of The World

Most Expensive Books

Experts culinary write cookbooks to present their ideas and knowledge in the culinary universe. The content, presentation and author’s name are among the factors that make it become an expensive cookbook. In this selection are highlighted 10 books Most Expensive Books in the world, among them rare historical examples of influential authors in the culture of different regions of the world.

“The Practice of Cookery Pastry and Confectionery,” Frazer – Sold for $ 375

This book has been popular in the Scotland region since the early 19th century This is the third edition. And it was published in 1800 by Peter Hill, Edinburgh.
Mrs. Frazer was a successful head of the culinary school for women in Edinburgh. She wrote this cookbook after being inspired by Susanna Maciver. Among the famous recipes in the book of Frazer is the Mutton beans.

“The Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking,” Nathan Myhrvold, Chris Young and Maxime Bilet – Sold for $ 625

This book expensive revenue consists of 5 volumes, and in total has 2438 pages. This is more than a book of common recipes. The book is packed with geeky science material. The first volume talks about the science behind the food, such as how heat and water affects food in time to cook. You do not have any income until you reach the volume 5.

“The Theory of Catering” Kinton and Ceserani – Sold for $ 750

It was first published in 1964. The book has been renovated several times to adjust the development of the food industry. The original book presents a comprehensive overview of the hotel industry and meals. It also presents the theory for competent professional practice.
The book helps cooks understand food chains, food science, and the whole process of food merchandise delivery, storage, preparation, production, final service.

“La CUISINIERE Bourgeoise,” Menon – Sold for US $ 1,013

This expensive cookbook is written in French and first published in 1746. It was considered one of the most influential cookbooks in the history of cooking. The book contains recipes and stews, including liqueurs prospects. The original copy of the book of Menon family income is maintained at Chateau de Villiers.
It has inscriptions in ink in each title. In the first blank, there manuscript in ink 1875 by Villiers, the last owner of the book. The original copy of this book was sold for US $ 1,013.

“Food: Critical Concepts in Social Science,” David Inglis and Debra Gimlin – Sold for US $ 1,495

This book consists of 4 volumes. And it’s not just about cooking. But it covers many aspects of the discipline, such as health economics, arts, and social sciences. The original purpose of this book is to be as a resource for students.
The presentation of 2,099 pages was first published in 2007 by Routledge. What makes it expensive is the fact that your first copy edition sells for US $ 1,495.

“Dom Perignon” – Sold for $ 2,000

The book of Dom Perignon revenue is as intense as the champagne. The book contains recipes and interview Roger Moore, the food’s face. However, the book is reproduced in only 30 copies. It also comes with a bottle of Dom’s Vintage 1998.

“Art of Cookery Made Plain & Simple,” Hannah Glasse – Sold for US $ 2,875

The first edition of the book was published in 1747. It was originally printed for family employees. At that time, this was the book most popular recipes in America.

“Les Diners De Gala” Salvador Dali – Sold for US $ 4,400

This book is about cooking with admiration arts. Salvador Dali, the author of the book, is not commonly known as a chef. The recipes in this book are mainly meat and fat.

“A Guide to Modern Cookery” Auguste Escoffier – Sold for US $ 5,125

The first edition was published in 1907. The first copy editing is very rare. Extremely rare that a person was willing to pay more than $ 5,000. For him, it is not just a cookbook. This is a piece of history in cooking.

“Utsav – The Culinary Epic of Indian Festivals”, Vikas Khanna – Sold for $ 13,000

Vikas Khanna is a Michelin star chef from India. This cookbook is not a vintage collector’s item. It was recently published in 2015 Cannes Film Festival. E consists of 1,400 pages.
What makes the book so special is that is printed in ink pure gold. And it is the best way to enjoy 12 years of Khanna to search for work in this book. The book is not just a compilation of recipes. It is a work of art that reflects the heritage and Indian culture. Even the Indian Prime Minister is interested. He signed the first 15 copies of the book.