Good Night Love Quotes For Her With Images

Good Night Quotes For Her

Good morning, good afternoon, good night, wishes that we practice the faith, joy and simplicity simply of Being.

I’ve gathered my little things.
Now I will tell you little lambs….
Good evening, friends!!! – Good Night Quotes For Her

Good evening!!!
the nature …
And what she comes to tell …
That beauty exists …
And God in it is …

Good night my good friends
Only the purity of our feelings allows us to come close to the divinity …

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Good night my good friends
If the sun slows down
I insist on it to go ‘
Cause the night is a child
You need to play smile …

sweet good night quotes for her

When sleep comes, it is the soul asking the body to stop so that both can have a rest to recover …

Music is a fine art that makes us levitate and find peace of mind. Good night!!!

Is there no one left in this world to kiss me good night?

Close your eyes, silence your soul and feel: There are angels of God guarding your sleep! Good Night …

I do not know, sir, it’s night or day.
I know it’s a good day or a good night.

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And if the day was not very cheerful to me,
that the night comes soon,
because of me she does not dare
to take my light laughter,
even if sleep she owes me …

When you go through someone use what you have. Good day, good afternoon, good evening, no matter how you respond, give proof to the world that you jointly do your part.

Good night to all who seek work is peace in this world good work can even find more peace in this world will never find

Romantic good night quotes for her

Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, after a good night’s sleep, I will not fear.

Sometimes we just need a good night’s sleep and dreams that can inspire us.

A good night’s sleep can make you think straight about what to do.

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Hey buddy! Good evening! May the angels of heaven take good care of you and all of you during this night! And let St. Francis of Assisi live! Kisses.

Good evening, Lord God! I meet him tomorrow, clothed in the sun, hidden in the embrace of a friend, delivered in the smile of a brother and fully revealed in the outstretched hands that one is willing to lift!

Sometimes I find myself wanting to miss someone, to write for someone, to say good night to someone, to feel homesick; But there is no one. That’s the price you pay for being alone. And honestly? Is low. It ‘s good to fly for this life that only has room for one.

The more we want something farther away from us! Good evening!

These greetings like: Good morning, Good afternoon! And Good night! They can mean much more than your function. They exceed their taste when seen by a friend who can understand how one: hey I’m here if you need …

“Star, I only came back for your
affection , in return take my wet kisses,
good night.
May you have a good dream,
thinking of me …”

I’m tired of not giving you another good night!

Good night! May you have a great night and rest for the rest, that your guardian angel protects you always and always guides Jesus to your heart.

Most Powerful Families In The World

Powerful Families

Discuss power, does not necessarily mean money. In this selection are highlighted the 10 most powerful families in the world. Although money plays a critical role in determining the actual powers, the influence on people and ability to make quick decisions is much more representative compared to the financial status.

A person It can be powerful through his personality, ability to control minds and resources, and the attitude. The powerful families included in this selection may or may not have a lot of wealth.
For preparation of this selection, we considered a few more things beyond just equity of households. In fact, the equity can not justify the capacity of families to control the world.
The most important factor in determining their power is the number of companies that have invested, and the nature of these businesses. The next ideal point to consider in relation to these families is their importance in the regions they live in , and the privileges that leverage.
The impact of their decisions on the world is also worth factor, followed by the contribution of households to improve society. And Final, equity is considered.


This family has been in the meaningful participation of control on the top companies in the world that have a large portion of all minerals on the planet.
The family has brands like De Beers and Anglo that still dominate the diamond industry, platinum and gold world. With most of the shares sold to De Beers, the family is more focused on giving opportunities to succeed to local investors in his native country.


The family can not be ignored by any means. The family owns the tobacco luxury brands like Dunhill, Mont Blanc and Cartier under the banner Richemont. They also have the action of the wine business with the powerful Rothschilds. Moreover, the family has controlled investment group known as Remgro.
The wine and brandy business has been the hallmark of the family, since the same controls 1/5 of wine and 80% of the aggregate market sales in brandy South Africa. They also control a chain of private hospitals.


The family used to dominate the oil business throughout the 19th century, before the antitrust law had broken their monopoly on trade. The family still holds the power in the form of JP Morgan Chase, a well-known financial institution.


Bernard Arnault is considered among the most powerful figures in France and has LVMH. He, with his two sons Antoine and Delphine, have 60 luxury brands including Fendi, Sephora, Bulgari, Louis Vuitton and Dom Perigon. He currently holds the thirteenth place among the 2015 world’s richest people compiled by Forbes.

family Koch

The Koch family is currently the second richest family in the United States with net worth of $ 86 billion. Koch industries represent the second largest owner family business with annual sales of over $ 100 billion.

Carlos Slim Helu and Family

They own multinationals like America Movil, Grupo Carso and Inbursa Finenciero Group. Carlos Slim Helu secures the second place among the richest people in the world by 2015 with the net worth of 77.2 billion. Based on the resources they have and the reach of its telecommunications business, Helu and their children can control either.


Bill and Melinda Gates may not bear the glitz and glamor that are attributed to the powerful families, but their actions speak louder than appearances. It would be unfair not to include the richest man in the world and his family in this selection, whose charity work in addition to the billion dollar company, speaks for itself.


No one can deny the influence that the family has in US policy. They have every reason to make people believe they have been the most powerful family in America for almost 60 years, with 2 presidents, 2 senators, and governors. Their decisions made historical changes in the world.


The family business, Wal-Mart is considered as the world’s largest with more than US $ 400 billion annual revenues. The family has a combined net worth of $ 144 billion. The wealth and resources that this family has, can make anyone surrender.


For centuries, this family has ruled the world with power and influence. The family is also known to control the major central banks of the world. The Rothschild Group is working in more than 40 countries offering financial consulting services.
In addition, the family controls multinationals such as Rio Tinto, Glencore and RIT Capital. While the financial value of them is beyond measure, it is enough to show how powerful they are. It is also believed that the Rothschilds have links to secret organization called NWO.

Books More Expensive Revenues Of The World

Most Expensive Books

Experts culinary write cookbooks to present their ideas and knowledge in the culinary universe. The content, presentation and author’s name are among the factors that make it become an expensive cookbook. In this selection are highlighted 10 books Most Expensive Books in the world, among them rare historical examples of influential authors in the culture of different regions of the world.

“The Practice of Cookery Pastry and Confectionery,” Frazer – Sold for $ 375

This book has been popular in the Scotland region since the early 19th century This is the third edition. And it was published in 1800 by Peter Hill, Edinburgh.
Mrs. Frazer was a successful head of the culinary school for women in Edinburgh. She wrote this cookbook after being inspired by Susanna Maciver. Among the famous recipes in the book of Frazer is the Mutton beans.

“The Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking,” Nathan Myhrvold, Chris Young and Maxime Bilet – Sold for $ 625

This book expensive revenue consists of 5 volumes, and in total has 2438 pages. This is more than a book of common recipes. The book is packed with geeky science material. The first volume talks about the science behind the food, such as how heat and water affects food in time to cook. You do not have any income until you reach the volume 5.

“The Theory of Catering” Kinton and Ceserani – Sold for $ 750

It was first published in 1964. The book has been renovated several times to adjust the development of the food industry. The original book presents a comprehensive overview of the hotel industry and meals. It also presents the theory for competent professional practice.
The book helps cooks understand food chains, food science, and the whole process of food merchandise delivery, storage, preparation, production, final service.

“La CUISINIERE Bourgeoise,” Menon – Sold for US $ 1,013

This expensive cookbook is written in French and first published in 1746. It was considered one of the most influential cookbooks in the history of cooking. The book contains recipes and stews, including liqueurs prospects. The original copy of the book of Menon family income is maintained at Chateau de Villiers.
It has inscriptions in ink in each title. In the first blank, there manuscript in ink 1875 by Villiers, the last owner of the book. The original copy of this book was sold for US $ 1,013.

“Food: Critical Concepts in Social Science,” David Inglis and Debra Gimlin – Sold for US $ 1,495

This book consists of 4 volumes. And it’s not just about cooking. But it covers many aspects of the discipline, such as health economics, arts, and social sciences. The original purpose of this book is to be as a resource for students.
The presentation of 2,099 pages was first published in 2007 by Routledge. What makes it expensive is the fact that your first copy edition sells for US $ 1,495.

“Dom Perignon” – Sold for $ 2,000

The book of Dom Perignon revenue is as intense as the champagne. The book contains recipes and interview Roger Moore, the food’s face. However, the book is reproduced in only 30 copies. It also comes with a bottle of Dom’s Vintage 1998.

“Art of Cookery Made Plain & Simple,” Hannah Glasse – Sold for US $ 2,875

The first edition of the book was published in 1747. It was originally printed for family employees. At that time, this was the book most popular recipes in America.

“Les Diners De Gala” Salvador Dali – Sold for US $ 4,400

This book is about cooking with admiration arts. Salvador Dali, the author of the book, is not commonly known as a chef. The recipes in this book are mainly meat and fat.

“A Guide to Modern Cookery” Auguste Escoffier – Sold for US $ 5,125

The first edition was published in 1907. The first copy editing is very rare. Extremely rare that a person was willing to pay more than $ 5,000. For him, it is not just a cookbook. This is a piece of history in cooking.

“Utsav – The Culinary Epic of Indian Festivals”, Vikas Khanna – Sold for $ 13,000

Vikas Khanna is a Michelin star chef from India. This cookbook is not a vintage collector’s item. It was recently published in 2015 Cannes Film Festival. E consists of 1,400 pages.
What makes the book so special is that is printed in ink pure gold. And it is the best way to enjoy 12 years of Khanna to search for work in this book. The book is not just a compilation of recipes. It is a work of art that reflects the heritage and Indian culture. Even the Indian Prime Minister is interested. He signed the first 15 copies of the book.

Best Machine Guns In The World

Best Machine GunsWar is the science of destruction, where one who is better prepared in the armory wins. And one of the portable firearms with the highest number of shots in a short time is the machine guns. They evolved, gained power, precision and practicality. In this selection are highlighted the 10 best machine guns in the world.

Heckler & Koch MP5K

There are over 100 MP5 variants in the current era, but there may be only one that sustains its base in terms of offering maximum performance, extreme accuracy, because of reinforced steel cables embedded with other materials such as rubber and polymer for a tight clasp in the hands.
Heckler & Koch MP5 can be considered as the standard standard gun, a submachine gun with partial capabilities. It has become a legend among heavy-duty machine guns and is highly appreciated by security teams and some military units globally.

Ceska Zbrojovka Scorpion EVO3

Ceska Zbrojovka is commonly known as CZ EVO3 in the United States and is yet another submachine gun that also belongs to the family with a slight difference, being much slimmer, thin in its design, easy to handle and easy to handle as well.

Heckler & Koch UMP

The UMP’s versatility is incredible as it is developed compact and designed for ultimate handling experience due to its high safety standards.
The .40 and .45 caliber UMPs would make a tactical primary weapon ideal for special forces members or for those in more common situations such as bank robberies, hostage situations, and more. Heckler UMP is by default the SWAT team’s preferred choice of weapons, and many of the SWAT can be seen handling a UMP, for some strange reason, it fits in perfectly with their team style.

M2 Browning

The M2 is a remarkable and quite respectable weapon from John Browning’s main collection. It has been used in some of the world’s greatest wars in history, such as World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, South African Border War and several others. It uses a .50 caliber, which is sufficient to cause serious damage to aircraft, boats, lightly toasted cars and infantry.

M1919 Browning

Like other notable and mounted machine guns, the M1919 is widely known to be the front line in World War II battles. M1919 Browning has a distinct physical attribute that contributes to its classic and revolutionary design which is the brown varnished wood handle. Due to the reliability of its .30 caliber, it was also used in American tanks, helicopters and ships.


M60 GPMG, just by hearing the name of this machine gun it is possible to intimidate even the most experienced and automatically creates a sophisticated sensation when listening. This is purely because M60 is exactly as sophisticated as it sounds, looks and feels.
The M60 was also the primary weapon of choice and recommendation to the US Army in one stage, until it was replaced by something else, but is fifth in this selection.

FN F2000 Assault Rifle

FN F2000 is the most suitable for those who are left-handed and right-handed, and accommodates all types of users. The design of the FN F2000 can be considered as revolutionary with the combination of intelligence of weapon systems. She is capable of firing 800 rounds per minute, 5.56mm caliber.
Since it is designed to be a unique weapon and of excellence in handling. The machine gun is issued for the best of future army battles, which also includes the ability to customize the rifle for specific missions.

M24E6 Machine Gun

Here is another respect machine gun that has been used mainly by the US Marine Corps. The M24E6 is a considerable example of gun upgrades over the years and in this case commonly known for its light weight. It still has the ability to provide precision shots and accuracy because of the stability the mounted bipod or tripod offers, being third position in this selection.

Kalashnikov, commonly known as AK-47

Regarding the sculptured reputation of the AK-47, reliability has always been the banner of this masterpiece. Its accuracy because of its remarkable ability to shoot is simply powerful, no matter if it was dragged by mud, dipped in water or ice, it shoots like your desired factory performance.

M4 Carbine Commando with M203 Grenade Launcher

In addition to the issue of the M4 Carbine Commando being the number one assault rifle in the military standard category, the main feature and beauty of this smoking gun of destruction is that it is developed and designed to accommodate its own reserve unit.
When the 5.56MM caliber bullets end after a long series of firing power, there is a more powerful weapon waiting. It’s a separate M203 attachment under barrel, a mounted grenade launcher that was designed to fit as the main feature of this portable monster.
The M203 alone provides every soldier in the United States the best in terms of competitive advantage over enemies, since it is almost similar to a 10-man platoon in the hands, ready for action of destruction.

topo belas frases romanticas para namorada

topo belas frases romanticas para namorada“E quando seus lábios encontraram os meus, eu sabia que eu poderia viver até os cem anos e visitar todos os países do mundo, mas nada jamais comparar com esse único momento em que eu beijei pela primeira vez a garota dos meus sonhos e sabia que meu amor faria durar para sempre.”

“Bem agora
Se pouco a pouco você deixar de me amar
Vou parar de te amar
Pouco a pouco
Se de repente você me esquecer
Não olhe para mim
Para já deve ter esquecido que você

Se você acha que é longa e louca o vento das bandeiras frases curtas de amor que passa através da minha vida
E você decidir me deixar na margem do coração, onde eu tenho raízes
Que naquele dia, naquela hora, eu levantarei meus braços
E minhas raízes partirão para buscar outra terra ”

“O que é o amor? Eu conheci nas ruas um jovem muito pobre que estava apaixonado. O chapéu era velho, o casaco usado, a água passou por seus sapatos e as estrelas através de sua alma ”

“Gravitação não é responsável pelas pessoas caindo no amor.”

“Nós perder tempo procurando o amante perfeito, em vez de criar o amor perfeito.”

“Não é possível amar e de parte. Você vai querer que era. Você pode transmutar amor, ignorá-la, atrapalhar, mas você nunca pode retirá-lo fora de você. Eu sei por experiência que os poetas têm razão: o amor é eterno “.

“Eu caí no amor com sua coragem, sua sinceridade, Mensagens para celular e sua flamejante auto-respeito. E é estas coisas que eu acredito, mesmo que o mundo inteiro o espectáculo de suspeitas selvagens que ela não era tudo o que ela deveria ser. Eu a amo e isso é o começo de tudo. ”

“Bem-vindo ao maravilhoso mundo do ciúme, pensou. Para o preço de admissão, você tem uma dor de cabeça, uma vontade quase irresistível para cometer assassinato, e um complexo de inferioridade. Yippee “.

“Eles dizem que quando você está sentindo falta de alguém que eles provavelmente estão sentindo o mesmo, mas eu não acho que é possível para que você sente falta de mim tanto quanto eu estou sentindo falta de você agora”

“Se ela é incrível, ela não vai ser fácil. Se ela é fácil, ela não vai ser incrível. Se ela vale a pena, você não vai desistir. Se você desistir, você não é digno. … A verdade é que todo mundo vai feri-lo; você só tem que encontrar o que vale a pena sofrer. ”

“A vida, ele percebeu, era muito parecida com uma canção. No princípio não é mistério, no final, não há confirmação, mas é no meio onde toda a emoção reside, para fazer a coisa toda vale a pena “.

“Qualquer tolo pode ser feliz. É preciso um homem com o coração real para fazer a beleza fora do material que nos faz chorar “.

“Tudo o que eu sempre quis foi chegar e tocar outro ser humano, não apenas com as mãos, mas com meu coração.”

“Temos de nos permitir ser amado pelas pessoas que realmente nos amam, as pessoas que realmente importam. Muita das vezes, estamos cegos pelos nossos próprios interesses de pessoas a nos amar, as pessoas que nem sequer importam, enquanto todo esse tempo nós desperdiçamos e as pessoas que fazem nos ama tem que ficar na calçada e ver-nos implorar nas ruas! É hora de pôr um fim a isso. É hora de nos deixar ser amado. ”

“Cuide do meu coração – eu deixei ele com você.”

the most expensive series in TV history

the-most-expensive-series-in-tv-historyOne of the hobbies very grown to the present day are the series, and they are viewed mainly by adolescents and young people interested in it for different forms of entertainment, with subjects that are directly linked to their daily life or which may arouse the interest of viewers, so that they become curious and start to impart those episodes constantly are released.
Even though the series appear to be normally produced, as well as soaps and other television programs, there are a variety series that more are considered expensive in television history, standing out among all the other shows that are also displayed in this medium and making it a surprise to all viewers.Top 10 most expensive series in TV history

The Pacific

The Pacific is a bet of HBO to attract new viewers or even retain those who already watch the TV channel, and this new television program is considered the most expensive in the history of this media because of its over – production, with production Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg and Gary Koetzman.
the cost of this series builds up to the total, $ 200 million, and that it only has 10 episodes, which is too high according to this small number of presentations to be held but exhibiting a lot of action with fighting between unleashed depicting World War II, with several special effects that even more expensive this show.


Not in the case of exactly the whole series, and it has many countless episodes, but in the case of only one week that was displayed, the CSI can be considered one of the most expensive series in TV history.
CSI portrays investigations crimes that are made by experts to find out who is to blame for what happened, and to make available more exciting and attractive to your audience, the show presented the most expensive scene television, costing $ 400 for only 127 seconds.

Two and a Half Men

Already well known for all series of admirers, the Two series and a Half Men draws the attention of many young people who are attracted to a comedy depicting different situations involving a different family.
Going through various processes and changes that have been given in this show, the show may fall into among the most expensive series in TV history because of the salary of the actors, and the main, Ashton Kutcher, earns about $ 700 per episode.

Samson and Delilah

Valuing Brazilian television and the series produced in the country, you can highlight Samson and Delilah, and it was created, with a focused show for all viewers admiring a differentiated form of entertainment.
This fun for the Brazilian cost, according to accounts held, US $ 800,000 for each of the displayed episodes, totaling 16 that were made available to the public.

Modern Family

Spending a little of the cost of production of a series, you can also think about the cost of it by the value of the ads and the ads that are held by the advertisers, and the most expensive possibly have larger audience and therefore are more well produced, and Modern Family, where the ad on time cost US $ 330,908.

the Simpsons

One of the most famous designs and today assisted by many viewers is The Simpsons, displaying a different comedy for all stakeholders, with a high cost of production because it is-an animation.
To view the costs, it is estimated that the commercial this time cost US $ 286,131.

The Big Bang Theory

Another comedy series that leads the ranking of the most expensive on the advertising displayed on the schedule is The Big Bang Theory, and, in the case of special effects, is virtually nil see something other than writing and acting of the characters, but taking trading at R $ 275,573.

Broke Girls

Another comedy is 2 Broke Girls, depicting the lives of two completely different girls, too, can be compared to the same structure presented in The Big Bang Theory compared to the cost of production, with trade reaching to US $ 269,235.


Differentiated from other series treated earlier, the cost of Glee production is high, in the case of a musical that brings together several youth and adolescents, considered one of the 10 most expensive series in TV history, with commercials that cost R $ 224,345.

Once Upon a Time

Finally, Once Upon a Time is also one of the current series that enters the list for expensive commercials that can be hired by advertisers at this time, reaching US $ 203,537.

most expensive supercomputers in the world

most-expensive-supercomputers-in-the-worldThe first supercomputer, Atlas, was created in the early 1960s and watching around the world, it is quite obvious that the technology had a big jump from the 1960s this selection are the 10 most expensive supercomputers in the world.

The every 5 years , in fact, supercomputers today become obsolete, technology rapidly advancing information and development of computing and research. Supercomputers today are measured in petaflops, a processing speed of one thousand trillion floating point operations per second.

Vulcan BlueGene / Q, United States – US $ 100 million

This supercomputer has a peak of 5 petaflops, and is currently the ninth fastest supercomputer in the world, according to Vulcan came into operation in 2013, and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to research in biology, plasma physics, climate science, molecular systems, solid and fluid engineering, and other complex topics of study.

SuperMUC, Germany – US $ 111 million

SuperMUC is currently the fourteenth fastest supercomputer in the world. The system was created by IBM, operates in Linux, and contains more than 19,000 Intel and Westmere-EX processors, and has a peak performance of just over 3 PFLOPS.
SuperMUC is used by European research in various fields, including medicine, astrophysics, quantum chromodynamics and computational fluid dynamics.

IBM Roadrunner, United States – US $ 130 million

This supercomputer achieved incredible performance of 1,456 PFLOPS, keeping the place on the TOP500 list. The supercomputer was decommissioned on 31 March 2013.
It was replaced by a more intelligent supercomputer, and more efficient in relation to energy, called Cielo. The goal of Roadrunner was highly confidential, to model the fall of the US nuclear arsenal.

Trinity, United States – US $ 174 million

Trinity will be used to maintain the safety and effectiveness of America’s nuclear arsenal. Trinity will be done in conjunction with Sandia National Laboratory and Los Alamos National Laboratory as part of the Computer Program and Simulation Advanced the NNSA.
It is not clear when this supercomputer will be installed and working, and if it runs the nation’s nuclear arsenal in an event that the United States use its nuclear weapons in combat situations. Whatever the case, the hope is that Trinity is in good hands.

Sequoia BlueGene / Q, United States – US $ 250 million

The supercomputer BlueGene / Q Sequoia was developed by IBM for the NNSA as part of Advanced Computation and Simulation Program. And currently positioned at number 3, with a theoretical peak of 20 PFLOPS, or 20 trillion calculations per second. Some of the computer’s purposes are to study astronomy, human genome, climate change and ongoing nuclear weapons.

ASC Purple and BlueGene / L, United States – US $ 290 million

These two supercomputers come as a package. 2 computers were announced by DoE in 2002 to be contracted to IBM for $ 290 million. They were installed in 2005 at Lawrence Livermore Lab, and was decommissioned in 2010.
The ASCI Purple at Lawrence Livermore Lab was built to simulate and replace the live test WMD. The BlueGene / L focused on important scientific fields such as prediction of global climate change, and study of the interaction between atmospheric density and pollution.

Sierra and Summit, United States – US $ 325 million

Built using IBM Power servers and accelerators Nvidia Tesla GPU, 2 supercomputer dubbed Sierra and Summit will be installed in 2017. The next Sierra system will have no problems running in more than 100 PFLOPS while Summit will have processing capabilities up to 300 PFLOPS.
the purpose of Sierra at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the nation’s nuclear program. Meanwhile, Summit giving more experience of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s supercomputer Titan, directed to scientific applications around the world.

Tianhe-2, China – US $ 390 million

Tianhe-2 is the current fastest supercomputer in the world, being able to perform 33,860 trillion calculations per second, and is used for simulation, analysis and the Chinese government security applications.

Earth Simulator, Japan – US $ 500 million

The Earth Simulator was developed as a level parallel vector supercomputer system used to perform global climate models, and to assess the effects of global warming and problems in geophysics of the solid Earth.
The Earth Simulator System has several features to help protect the computer against earthquakes, with rubber mounts in a seismic isolation system, and lightning, with a high voltage, shielded nest that hangs over the building.

Fujitsu K, Japan – US $ 1.2 billion

The K computer, called the Japanese word “kei” is 10 quadrillion, is the fourth fastest supercomputer in the world, with a theoretical peak of 11 PFLOPS speed.
It is located in the Advanced Institute for Computational Science RIKEN, and is 60 times faster than the Earth Simulator. K costs $ 10 million per year to operate, using 9.89 MW of energy, or the equivalent of nearly 10,000 suburban homes, or one million desktop computers linked.

Top 10 most expensive games in history

top-10-most-expensive-games-in-historyCurrently the games are produced, with a focus not only for teenagers, but for young people and adults as well. Thus, more and more investment, behind an impressive and creative work around the games, with very high production value.

In this selection are the 10 most expensive games in history. For the past years, the quality of games only increases with production involving exorbitant prices, regardless of the rivalry between the consoles and games.

Some titles come with hundreds of artists, entertainers, actors, designers, and composers in the creation of games. And advertising also revolves around very high price, passing the millions of dollars. The 10 most expensive games in history, at least stimulate interested players, and bring fun and entertainment.

Gran Turismo 5-2010

This is one of the most powerful franchises of Sony, with an investment of 84 million dollars. From the debut on PlayStation Gran Turismo 5 has united many fans and lovers of motor racing by the level of realism and complexity of the game. This fifth chapter has more than a thousand cars available, with cinematic graphics and various extras.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – 2011

The game is a true work of art, with an investment of 86 million dollars. It explored the giant continent of Skyrim with dragons to face, powers and interesting environments. The development of the game lasted about 3 and a half years, with nearly 200 people in creation.

Shenmue – 1999

Investment in Shenmue game scored 98 million. It was developed by SEGA, Yu Suzuki game. The amazing game brought resources of freedom based on common life, such as time and secondary and intelligent characters. But a failure, as well as the target console, the Dreamcast.

APB: All Points Bulletin – 2010

APB is a multiplayer game to play online via PC. Its main features compete with Grand Theft Auto, but the action aims to be an alternative to Conter Strike. In this game you choose one of the two gangs fighting each other and compete for missions within the free city. It was developed by Realtime Worlds with a cost of $ 100 million, and was later bought by Reloaded Productions for 1.5 million euros.

Tomb Raider – 2013

The Tomb Raider was launched in 2013 the 5th game of the sequence released by Crystal Dynamics, however, the game is not a sequel or has any relation to the previous games. It is a reboot of the saga Lara Croft who is shipwrecked on a mysterious and dangerous island with friends. The novelty is the multiplayer function, the first of the franchise to allow more than one player. The development cost about $ 100 million, and was made available for major platforms: PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4.

Red Dead Redemption – 2010

A great production of Rockstar Games, with a cost of $ 100 million. After the success of GTA4, the developer wanted to repeat the feat in a western environment, with many adventures and action. In this game you can also tame the world with all freedom in the PS3 or XBOX 360.

Disney Infinity – 2013

Disney Infinity is not just a game, it comes with the Disney character dolls engaging an accessory connected to the console. In this game, you are the character you can create the virtual world and to the racetracks. In fact, you are creating it, hence the name Infinity. It was a big bet Disney has invested $ 100 million and expected a big hit in the gaming market in 2013, but without success.

Grand Theft Auto 4-2008

The game raised quality standards and freedom in the virtual world, with very high investment of 106 million dollars. GTA 4 stood out for Liberty City, where you have to walk freely through the same streets freedom ace real streets of major cities in the United States. It is interesting to imagine the production of GTA V, the successor. The game was made for major platforms, PS3, XBOX360 and PC.

Star Wars: The Old Republic – 2011

The game leader among the 10 most expensive games in history has generated investment of 204 million dollars. This is a MMORPG, with launch in 2011 for PC. The game requires players reconstruction of the Star Wars universe with characters, references and incredible objects. There were over 800 people in the working process for long six years.

Grand Theft Auto V – 2013

Since 2008, this version was awaited with anxiety. Once launched, the game joined the list of games more sold in the world throughout history . All production and game development cost Rockstar Games, more than 266 million dollars. The new version of the game has a huge map to explore, most charismatic characters, more missions and activities with amazing graphics. It is undoubtedly the best of the current generation game.

most cruel reality shows in the world

most-cruel-reality-shows-in-the-worldIn the last two decades, the reality television has grown to become one of the most popular forms of program that is transmitted. These types of series can be quite account to create and attract large audiences, making them very interesting for the network executives who want to save as much money as possible.
But as more and more programs appear on different channels, it is getting more difficult for them in relation to excel and many producers are directed to the sales outlets bizarre growth that can be tasteless, shocking and simply cruel.

There’s Something About Miriam

This reality dating program saw a group of men compete for the affection of a woman of dreams and the chance to win 10,000 pounds. The program revolves around the attempts of men to convince the woman that offered as perfect meeting. The only problem was that the producers did not mention that Miriam was actually a transsexual woman. At the end of the program, it was revealed the winner the big secret. She herself was responsible for revealing in front of all participants. Do you know what the winner’s reaction? See this video.

I Wanna Marry Harry

The idea behind I Wanna Marry Prince Harry, was basically put a man who resembled both the British prince Harry royalty, he would try to convince women that he was the real prince.
Unfortunately, however, the producers behind the use program various tricks, and they give a lot of information for competitors to cheat and create high expectations in the participants that really is prince Harry.

Who’s Your Daddy

This reality show invited participants to try to find out who is really their father, between 9 possible parents. Parents try to persuade participants who were the real father. If the participant guessed correctly win a prize of $ 100,000. This is the least the anguish of discovering his real father in the midst of a game should be the greatest suffering.

My Big Fat Revenge

The premise of My Big Fat Revenge may seem like a good idea, purposely at a glance, but in practice it turned out to be more controversial than the creators probably imagined.
And in it, competitors would undergo a comprehensive loss program weight designed to help them get rid of significant amounts of weight as quickly as possible.

Kid Nation

Kid Nation was a reality television show that first aired in 2007 and led a group of 40 children of various ages and then basically abandoned in a small town without adult supervision, to see if they could learn to live and rule themselves.
While the children were mostly able to live quite harmoniously without many problems, the program attracted much unwanted attention, the fact that some of the participants had to be hospitalized for many reasons. This caused some controversy that prevented new seasons.

Man vs. Beast

Unlike most reality TV programs that puts participants against each other, Man vs. Beast is different, is based on seeing how well humans could compete against the animal kingdom in various tasks. Competitors would face against animals in tests of strength, endurance, and ability to work in gymnastics.

I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!

The reality, British television program is based on seeing celebrities and other public figures participating in gruesome challenges, all to win prizes for those who participate and avoid being voted out of the viewers program.
But despite being quite popular in UK, faced mountain of criticism since its inception by the nature of the challenges and unnecessary suffering.

Susunu! Denpa Shonen

This is the epitome of reality crazy Japanese show. It is hard to imagine Western governments allowing such a television program to be done, considering the challenges often enclosed in madness.
Throughout his exposure would competitors in a variety of situations that were certainly cruel, including force a couple to live naked in an apartment for a year, surviving only external commercial sweepstakes winnings.

Child Genius

Child Genius was a Channel 4 TV program that aired in 2014 and saw very intelligent children, aged 7 and 12, competing against each other in a tournament organized in association with British Mensa to find the child more intelligent among the UK’s wonders.
But, faced criticism from various quarters after the initial episodes showing how the intense pressure from parents and organizers have created a hostile environment for children who participate.


From the initial concept of Dadagiri, it is easy to see how it could be considered a punishment and also a tough game for the participants. It is a game program which participants compete to win prizes, all while suffering abuse from various provocateurs professionals, leading to the error. And just one error leads to loss of all awards. Frustrating cause of depression me a lot.
Of course, much of what occurs in Dadagiri was in the script, as is the case with most of the great reality TV, but the verbal and mental abuse was still susceptible to cause much suffering to participants .

Top 25 Most Romantic Collection Of Love Quotes For Your Girlfriend

top-25-most-romantic-collection-of-love-quotes-for-your-girlfriendin tune with my give heart guns for true love is just love contemplate look and observe never fool with what to see watch in you hear believe in real never lie to who loves you be light that thy aims soul and my soul with your soul in love if en lace elk but perfect and i will be your e tu sears my love you so

There is no heart without owner, there is no love is over. Love can be within yourself that there is not already someone to complete it.
Imagine in your racing thoughts that the fact of being alone, her heart is incomplete, empty … An empty heart never felt, experienced, he tried.

The search of a love …
I did not know what to do to find a love, my heart into pieces I started looking, I looked there here, the four corners of the world went into a social networking site and met Ana Lucia, Maria, Julia, Severna and Gabi more I even fell in love was the Pique woman.

And the mouth go kind words
for sweet is your heart …
And heart spring affable feelings
because goodness is fertile seed
that germinates and feeds made bread …
bread that fortifies the body and words
that sensitize interties souls in
need of love and forgiveness … honey

Bitter! With a bitter heart I hope lonely A simple cornered In his embittered world Happiness? Aimless Sadness? Has its point I’m pounding a single second I’m not perfect More can write rhymes without stopping! I feel bitter taste Recalling that for min It was a glance

What you do today is the result of tomorrow. Then listen to the beat of your heart as if you a song, respect to be respected, hug with affection, always have faith. Being happy is not easy, but learning every day that the next smile depends on your smile is a big step to find the path to happiness.

My heart cries out for love
My life calls for a love
but not for any love
but not by any but by you
you I do not know yet, or you I know.
That’s you I love, or you I will still love.
Or why you have ever loved.
I only know that this person need.

I seek love to satisfy my ego, but to complete my heart … I do not expect anyone to my happiness, just hope to be happy for my abilities,
I fall in love every day for the security that my heart shows in wanting get ready to support the love, not when you feel lonely …

I kept you here in my heart, knowing that in love there is pain. The pain is not on your side, I set it for worst feeling there, know that you do not love me, but if there is a door in my heart because of not wanting to suffer, it also opens a window so you can you save.

Light meaningless with some word that the heart is assumed … “Love” I wonder _ What is happening to me?
Because if you want me do not be afraid of me looks in the eye and say in direct and defined songs .
If you do not have attitudes ever you’ll get the door secrets of my heart … And you will not have me as you dream;

Sorry I love you, but I cannot control my heart, I just cannot say how much I love you, but if that does not matter to you, I do not care because I cannot fight for you until I can but you used my statement to say I’m a rough, love you, and that’s what matter to me.

If I remember that day? Perfectly! I saw the love I felt the chemistry, my heart skipped a beat as he had never beaten before. Too bad you’re gone. I think the best remedy to forget you are looking for another person, can live a new love or a new pain, but if it hurts, I’ll try again.

How forget tí, heart so perfidious
that made me light a spark of love,
And when that spark turned fire, blew me.
Using the water from the deepest well ever encountered, to make sure it would be nothing left,
not even a tiny spark of love.
How can I forget you, my most unloving